Maker: Nissin Sangyo Co., Ltd (JAPAN)
GAINA makes comfortable living possible by “Balancing heat”Everyone wants to live comfortably all year around, but we are living with a lot of stress – from the hot summer and the cold winter to noises and odors.
GAINA’s original new technology can adapt to not only the weather, but noises and odors as well.
Summer and winter, day and night, GAINA can make your life easier and give you the comfort you’ve always wanted.


Against cold → Insulation / Heater

Heat can escape from the walls and ceilings even when room temperature gets high. GAINA can keep the heat’s movement to a minimum and equalize the temperature throughout the house.

Against heat → Insulation / Interception

GAINA’s ceramic beads reflect the sun’s infrared rays, which kames GAINA’s surface adapt to surrounding temperature and keeps heat transfer to a minimum.

Against noise → Soundproofing

The painted surface of GAINA is covered with many ceramic beads, which can reflect and reduce sound.

Against odor → Air Freshener
GAINA has electrification 0.0 quality, so it prevents dirt from sticking to surfaces. Also, the iron water in the air combines with the dirt, and prevents dirt from floating around.

More advantages → Prevent condensation / Endurance / Safety / Fireproofing
GAINA has many more varieties. GAINA can prevent condensation: it can make a house and a building more durable: it can fireproof. It will make your home safer.

< V-REX SG >
Maker: KANESHIN Co. Ltd

V-REX SG is Safety Guard System of 2×4 Housing Anti Earthquake Energy

300% of the transformation ratio which absorbs earthquake energy,
The highly efficient damper incorporating the high quality rubber for durability 60 years.
The steel arm for the attenuation effect installed top and bottom.
It demonstrates stability strong also against aftershock to repeat.
JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY V-RECS 2×4 completed the tough vibration control system which protects safety and relief.

3 abilities of vibration control power

■ It reduces the shake of an earthquake a maximum of about 60%.
■ High damping rubber is proud of 300% of a transformation ratio, and durability 60 years.
■ It demonstrates an effect with aftershock to repeat.


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